Our external spaces are a direct representation of our own internal landscapes.

Whilst innately complex, The Interior Temple approach to interior design is simple and holistic. Our practice draws inspiration from the practices and philosophies of biophilic, conscious and sustainable living and design to provide a Holistic Interior Design service. 


Holistic living and design we believe is the epitome of sustainability- that which is abundant and rich and self-regenerative by nature.

We help clients create spaces that are:

  • functional, harmonious and aesthetically balanced,

  • consider the room or building and our client’s whole way of being,

  • support health and wellbeing, and 

  • elevate our client's life experience.

Holistic Interior Design takes into consideration the full story: the environment, the inhabitants of the space, and the conscious, holistic lifestyle and inter-relationships experienced and lived within the space.


Many of us invest in holistic services such as psychology, yoga, kinesiology, acupuncture and osteopathy to align our own body, mind and spirit in relation to ourselves and others. However, there is another aspect of wellness that is often forgotten: the health and wellbeing in our external landscape – if our home environment is out of balance, our health and wellbeing can be seriously impacted. 

While navigating inner landscapes and attending to our more intrinsic selves, our process can be far more easeful and graceful when we create and cultivate a physical and energetic space in our external world that holds and supports us in our journey.

Are you ready to enter your own Interior Temple and from this space create your very own dream space?