Balance Home clearing kit

Balance Home clearing kit



-1 ISIS hand built ceramic smudge bowl

-White sage

-Palo Santo


White sage is a traditional purifying tool that that Native indigeous of North America use to clear negative energy from the body and the home/space. It is said to be a connection to the feminine and connects us to Mother earth.


Palo Santo is a traditional purifying tool of the Native indigenous of South America used to clear negative energy and clear the field so as to connect to the higher realms + consciousness. It is said to be the masculine and connects us to sky.


Together these two are amplified in their powers connecting you and clearing your space and being to both mother earth and father sky and opeing the channels in between.


Light the two togteher in your intentional clearing and ritual practises to envoke balance in your space and home. 


Please note the bowls are one off hand etched and hand built and differ slightly in size and various designs so please refer to the ISIS smudge bowls to select your design and inform us at purchase.


Dimensions : approx 13-17cm