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Brass oil burner

Brass oil burner


TEMPL brass oil burner is handcrafted from 100% brass. Its unique, minimalistic design is reminiscent of ancient Temple oil lamps used for ceremonies & rituals. 

The perfect addition to your sacred space, fill the brass plate with water to the indent line and add a few drops of essential oil. Light the tea candle and allow the soft scent of the aromas to slowly diffuse your space, creating a calming & relaxing atmosphere.

Features a brass handle, a hollow pillar for a tealight candle, and a hand-hammered brass plate for water & essential oil.

Each burner is handcrafted and polished, small imperfections exist giving each burner its unique character.

Size: 10cm plate in diameter. 12.5cm height and total width (stand & plate) 15.5cm 

Note: tealight is not included - will suit any standard-sized unscented tea-light candle.

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  • Slowly pour water into the hollow of the top plate until it reaches the edge of the inner circle. Place the plate into the holder.

    Add 5-8 drops of your favourite essential oil. Light the tealight candle that is placed into the base of the holder. As the candle burns it will heat up the brass plate underneath, diffusing the soothing scent of oil into your space. 

  • When using, please ensure you place this oil burner on a flat, stable surface that can resist heat. Make sure it’s not near any flammable objects. Only use a standard-sized, unscented tea-light candle.

    Don’t leave unattended while in use and closely monitor the water level in the brass plate holder.  

    Keep out of reach of children. Your oil burner including the handle will become hot when in use. Avoid touching & allow the burner to completely cool before handling. If the water level gets low blow out the candle and allow the burner to cool completely before adding more water & oil. 

    Each burner is handcrafted & polished, small imperfections exist giving each burner its unique character, it is designed to age over time. The burner is designed to age over time. 


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