Citrine tea light candle holder

Citrine tea light candle holder


Loving, Intentionally and Intuitively selected


Dimensions: 15cm x11cm x4cm


Citrine s said to be a “Sun Stone” which draws the sunlight and its energy to it. It awakens and expands the higher mind, especially conscious awareness.


It is a very powerful crystal that is know for its quality of attracting abundance and prosperity, This is because it activates the solar plexus chakra which is your power centre and supports your ability to manifest things that lead to an abundant life. It creates deeper connections within your core to improve self-esteem, self-confidence, self-trust and in opening to your personal power.


It has the power to transform negativity into positive energy providing a sense of calm and balancing your emotions.


It is also said to enhance the flow of feng shui in your home that invites earth energy and welcomes prosperity.


abundance I transformation I prosperity I clarity I self confidence I trust I Self esteem I balance I digestion I peace

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