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HEART activation _Aura & Atmosphere Mist

HEART activation _Aura & Atmosphere Mist


The deeply romantic scent of Rose is the soul of this Elixir, entwined with a sweet vanilla soulmate, this essential oil sensory journey will arouse a heartfelt connection to the purest forms of Love.

Infused with an ancient alchemy Crystalline remedy that invites an opening, healing and activation of the true heart. This sacred intimacy tool connects one to their deeper emotions, allowing the language of the Heart to flow freely. 

Use as a body mist & room spray to activate your Heart's desires and welcomes a joyful, loving atmosphere.
Deepen expressions of Love with this intimacy tool, inviting a sense of stability and security into ones emotional understanding.

If you enjoy the Heart Oil essential oil scent, Our Equilibrium Perfume Elixir is a concentrated version of this fragrance.

Natural plant-based ingredients- Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - Handmade in Australia

100ml Miron violet glass bottle and Mist spray + Printed Box

  • Pure Water, Jojoba Oil ESSENTIAL OILS: Vanilla Absolute, Rose Absolute, Patchouli*, Lavender*, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol

    CRYSTAL & WILDFLOWER ESSENCE: Rose Quartz+, Kunzite+, Pink Tourmaline+, Sydney Rose+, Little Flannel Flower+, Fringed Violet+, Red Suva Frangipani+.


    *Certified Organic, + Wildcrafted

  • Inviting ritual into our daily lives helps to connect us to ourselves and elevate our lived experience. The benefits of nature and her gifts-botanicals & water assist in supporting us in sacred practises that are both ancient and that of our future. Enjoy magic in the mundane with this beautiful product.

    Spray around self and space for heartfelt joy. 
    Also a perfect remedy for a heartbreak or challenging times.

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