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Inara Necklace-Bronze- CATORI life

Inara Necklace-Bronze- CATORI life


Shining light | As above, so below


Throughout the world, across all cultures, we find stories of people guided to the water to understand the duality of existence. In our reflections we find our inner strength, we face our fears and are reminded that all that exists within us is mirrored without.


The Inara amulet invites us to let our inner light shine, whilst honoring the wisdom of the dark to bring strength and balance. It calls us to look deeper into our own reflections, remembering always that we are at one with the heavens above.

This unique pendant necklace can be worn alone or layered with other pieces to conjure deeper meaning. 


Bronze I Metal of the ancients


This ancient metal has been used for thousands of years in jewellery and adornment. It is said to be known to enhance generosity and good spirit, prosperity, compassion and a love for beauty. Bronze is a beautiful, sturdy metal, making it great for everyday wear, especially for those who live life more on the wild side.




       - Availability | Bronze pendant with 18k gold vermeil chain 

       - Chain Length | 20" or 24"

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