Ngari Teracotta pot-Large

Ngari Teracotta pot-Large


This piece comes from the Bora collection.  Lovingly repurposed using a mixture of mediums and earth to create a piece that honours the beauty of n all our differences with the wisdom that we all come from the earth, we dance with her and we return back to her. If we are to leave our footprints, make them light and full of love as we move upon her. 


Made of heavy weight teracotta, sourced and repurposed lovingly with hand and heart on Sunshine coast Queensland.


It doesnt take much to bring beauty to your home. Natural materials and simple biophillic designed spaces and pieces help to create a harmony and connect you back to earth while enjoying the abundant state that is your natural birthright.

Enjoy the process of investing in and adding beauty to your world around you.



H:27cm W 32cm Opening 26cm