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Sacred rose body oil

Sacred rose body oil


A light, silky smooth with a delicate hint of the blossoming roes, is rich in pure botanicals and nourishing oils. 

 It’s formulated with a beautiful blend of Apricot, Kernel, Jojoba oil & Camellia which will hydrate, replenish and revitalise your skin. 

Roses have been revered throughout history going back to ancient Egyptian times as a symbol of love and beauty, roses were adorned in temples and shrines and are believed to have magical powers. 

In Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, the rose has a prominent presence in formulations around the healing of the heart, depression, and anxieties. 

Perform a self-body massage, a healing practice rooted in Ayurvedic traditions see how to perform this in our practices section of the website. 

Create a daily devotional practice for the body and soul. 

Each item is hand-poured in Byron Bay, infused with love & intention.  

 Acknowledgment is made before formulation & bottling to the local indigenous ancestors and lands in which this product is made Bunjalung country.


Apricot Kernel



Geranium *


Rose Absolute


Ylang Ylang

Peru Balsam


*Certified Organic Ingredients.


  • Life as ritual. Daily mundane moments can be transformed in to an act of beauty and worship with intention. Loving gifting your body this act of ritual with the benefits of rose infusion to support the heart is a act of worship. To perform a self-loving massage each area should be massaged well for at least 5 minutes using smooth and firm movements. This way a full body massage should take approx 20 minutes.

    Begin with the extremities, you can start with your head, neck, shoulders, and arms, or your toes, ankles, calves, and feet. Finish the extremities and move into the center of your body for your chest, back and stomach.

    When performing a self-massage we recommend using long up-down strokes on the limbs and circular strokes on the joints.

    A continuous pulling stroke is used for fingers and toes. Circular strokes are usually done only clockwise.

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