Leila white ceramic pot

Leila white ceramic pot


This piece comes from the eclipse collection. Lovingly repurposed using a mixture of mediums to create a piece that honours the blank canvas that we can choose to be in any given moment. To create new stories whilst having reverance for the layers and wounds, the cracks and wrinkles-the beautiful and yet undoubetdly flawed patina of our lives.


This piece one of a kind just like you that has been lovingly repurposed using a mixture of mediums to give new life to discarded vessel.


Life can be so simple. A pot with some fallen dried mother nature and you have a beautiful feature piece to fill a spot and add to the beauty of your  surroundings. This light weight ceramic pot was originally cast in mould and the line telling its process is evident. It has been lovingly revamped to give it a crisp fresh costal feel.


Dimensions  :


H: 44cm W: 35 opening 15cm

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