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Isha can recall, from a very young age, the innate desire to make her spaces beautiful. With an astute eye for beauty and a passion for style, it was no surprise when she completed a degree in Fashion, providing a platform for her creativity and a framework for her business mind. Feeling called to explore the world, Isha spent long periods of time traveling & living in India, Indonesia, and Asia. Her travels and exposure to cultural experiences influenced her style and she fell in love with the art of intentional living, and the ancient lifestyle principles of these unique cultures. 


Inspired by their magnificent temples, and beautiful archways, Isha felt the simple act of walking through the entrance to these grand spaces could instantly transport her from the outside world of chaos and hustle, and bustle to the inside world of ritual, silence, and ceremony. Like crossing a threshold where beyond, a sacred space would be revealed, a place where one could commune with self and hear the wisdom of the ancient whispers.


Eventually, Isha moved from fabrics and fashion to furniture and homewares, opening a successful homewares store in Melbourne in 2014. People would continually come to the shop looking for the perfect piece to complement a specific space. Isha was regularly consulting with retail clients and soon realised that interior design was an innate gift that was living within her, the concept of The Interior Temple was born 

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