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The more you invest into this step the easier it is to extract the essence of your vision and assist you in bringing it to life and telling your unique story. Creating a vision board and compiling pictures and samples of what you love is essential. Consider including a Pinterest board, images, fabric/tile/paint samples, magazine pictures, or any other else that inspires you, including the pieces in your home you love already. It is helpful to collect and save these in one file to continually refer to and bring you back to what's important to you.

Always feel for the 'I love it'. We want to really find what lights you up! 



Our first consultation is key. It enables us to feel into your space and connect with your priorities and needs and for us to affirm our alignment. This is where we discuss the way in you would like me to assist you and how we can add value. Understanding what you are paying for will enable you to get the most out of our time together

The question we ask you is ‘where do you feel can I add value?’.


Examples of how we can assist are as follows -


-Purely on a consultive basis, where you're provided with concepts, colour suggestions, material options, furniture recommendations, places to shop and ways to implement changes for your health and wellbeing into your home.

-It may be that you have chosen or wish to choose new/added pieces and just want us to pull them together in your space to create optimal flow. This is a collaborative process with you project managing things and us weaving the pieces together. 

-Or, you may choose to have us do everything for you, concepts, furniture sourcing and purchasing and installation with your vision leading the way. 

Often we find it is a mix of all three and we define what it looks like together. Once we decide on the way in which we will work together we will follow up with a quotation for your specified needs.


We look at everything as an investment because if it's not adding value to your life in some way, don't spend on it. Having clarity around your budget and what you want to invest in is essential. 

Investment/Budget is determined by how much renovation work is required and how much furniture and accessories are needed. If any structural or applicatory works are required, this must be considered in the budget before any décor considerations.



When we understand the vision and what has to be done, it’s time to commit the time and money to finish your dream space. Projects take time and that depends largely on the ways in which we work. 

An example on a full furniture fitout is approx 8-12 weeks for furniture, custom cabinetry, drapes and materials to be ordered/received and installed. Overseas items can take longer depending on lead times. Accessorising will take approximately 4 weeks. A property makeover for sale can be achieved within as little as 2 weeks. A new house build or a whole house renovation may be over the course of years where we slow build your dream space from the ground up.  To get started or know more connect HERE

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