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What is sustainability? To us sustainability is a mindset. The earth both sustains herself and is abundant in nature.

It is from this mindset that we approach sustainability.

Just like we all have a story, so too do all the things we use in our every-day lives.

What we source and our clients relationship to each and every product, finish and aspect of design used and applied is important in maintaining a connection to true sustainability, to their life and by extension the world around them.


The following questions are of upmost importance when sourcing treasures for projects and clients:

  • How does this product relate to and benefit the clients overall home, wellbeing and lifestyle.

  • What is the product made from?

  • How is it made?

  • Who makes it?

  • Where is it made?

  • What are the long term considerations of the product (like longevity and end of life)


An emphasis is placed on sourcing items, where possible, that are made from high-quality, natural and sustainable materials and fibres, environmental and ethical manufacture and a low environmental impact in the manufacturing processes. We source from local artists and international artisans, and hunt and gather antique and reclaimed furniture and fibres/fabrics to bring you high quality unique pieces.

Encouraging creativity before consumerism and working with teams directly, acting mindfully and designing and sourcing with quality in mind is what we are all about. 


Sustainability is also about what sustains you? The more 'stuff' you have the more 'stuff' you have to care for. Adopting a minimalist 'less is more' approach saves you money, time and energy. We are endlessly inspired and passionate about educating ourselves to make small, meaningful changes every day to deliver more sustainably on all aspects of our business, whereby maintaining integrity and creativity in what we do and bring to you.

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