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Elwood, VIC


The architecture of this property just made for this whole project the most effortless fit out. My clients had a quirk and reverence for the 70's and we fit out the home with lots of colour and moroccan rugs and pinks and blues and oranges. Yet the bedroom was required to be a retreat from this and soft neutral tones were a repose from the rest of the house.


This home was one of my favourite fit outs ever as my clients were fun and full of life and totally trusted me from beginning to end with their forever home. This was my final Victorian property project completed before relocating to the Sunshine coast. A photoshoot was booked as final art works went in and then Covid hit.


Forever this magic project a special place in my heart with this one image I managed to capture that reminds me that architecture and solid foundations are key to creating the most beautiful homes with effortless ease.

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