Holistic Interior Design ​for your home

Interior Design is the co-ordination of decorative elements of the interior of a room, apartment, house, office or other structural space, including colour schemes, fittings, furnishings and/or architectural features.


HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN goes beyond these elements. Not only does it take into account the flow and aesthetics, it also offers solutions for your space to enhance your health, wellbeing and relationships. For instance, assessing your kitchen environment to support your food journey, your bedroom to support your relationship, or your wardrobe to support your expression. It also assesses overall health of the home - mould, EMF’s (electro magnetic frequency) etc and how to rectify, eliminate or reduce the effects that these toxins have on us adversely. It really is a healing service for the home.

It offers solutions and applications to provide you with  

  • functional, harmonious and aesthetically balanced spaces

  • alignment to the buildings architecture and your lifestyle needs

  • support for your health and wellbeing, and 

  • to elevate your experience both in the space and your life.

You can read more information on the design process here.

Property Styling for sale


Property Styling offers solutions to elevate your space ready for sale. Working with your budget and needs and primarily utilising your existing furniture + providing recommendations and services for additional elements that may be required.

Properties that have been professionally styled draw more people to your open houses and invariably result in a quicker sale, and higher ROI.

The above services both offer

-Tailored furniture packages to suit your space, style and budget.

-Recommendations or full styling and buying services of furniture and finishes for your completed requirements.

-Carefully selected high quality designer, antique and unique furniture.

-Homewares, soft furnishings, bedding and indoor plants and art selections.

-Full removals and installation services 

-Complete turn key furniture package to fit out for your home, holiday home or investment property. 

-Access to exclusive trade discounts with up to 20% off as we source your treasures from our trade accounts.​​


Online services


Just like you can work with a coach or a counsellor online so too can we delve right into your space online. Holistic Interior design is never a linear process and hooks and turns are where we can journey deeper into understanding yourself, your space and the interrelation between the two. It truly is the medicine for you, your home and your soul. Online services can be purchased at an hourly rate where we look at specific ideas or concepts of design and holistic living or as a holistic design package where a certain number of hours are pre purchased as quoted for your specific needs and design journey.