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We offer an intuitive approach to interior design that is backed by ancient and modern design principles  and  applications. Wether it is your home, office, work environment, holiday home or investment  we can help you create your dream space.

HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN goes beyond these elements of aesthetics embodying  core values of sustainability and slow living. Working from a mindset of ‘less is more’ and ‘quality over quantity’,  that ultimately life is easier and elevated with less. On a deeper level, it is about changing the mindset of how we choose to invest and spend our money and the spaces we choose to cultivate, curate, and create. As a society, we consume resources on account of trends and aesthetics instead of finding pieces that speak to us. This change in consumption from exterior influences to intrinsic sensitivity is where holistic interior design thrives. The conscious curation of spaces that enhance the wellness of your mind, body, and soul. 

Our services also includes an assessment of the overall health of the space, looking for potential sources of toxins and offering solutions to help rectify, eliminate, or reduce their negative effects. You can read about our Design Process HERE 

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