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Temple Necklace-Bronze- CATORI life

Temple Necklace-Bronze- CATORI life


“Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you”


Reminding us of the sacred space we all carry within, the Temple Necklace is a personal talisman for self care, belief and worthiness. 


Inspired by devotional spaces found throughout the world, this striking pendant combines universal symbols of spiritual journeying. Carrying the magic of the circle, the steps to enlightenment and an alchemical stone, it points in the four directions bringing the equilibrium of the elements, the seasons and the cosmos.


Accented with a raw Herkimer Diamond, the Temple Necklace is supported by the balancing qualities of this special stone, which is known to protect against negativity and amplify our own spiritual energy.


A beguiling statement piece, wear this necklace to honor your body temple.

Bronze I Metal of the ancients


This ancient metal has been used for thousands of years in jewellery and adornment. It is said to be known to enhance generosity and good spirit, prosperity, compassion and a love for beauty. Bronze is a beautiful, sturdy metal, making it great for everyday wear, especially for those who live life more on the wild side.



   - Bronze pendant on 22k Gold Vermeil  

   - Chain Length | Adjustable 16" - 22" 

   - Stone | Herkimer Diamond

   - Please note: stones are natural and vary slightly in size

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