Take a journey towards cultivating a beautiful physical and energetic space as you explore your inner realm and start creating your very own

Interior Temple.


"We will never be truly healthy, satisfied, or fulfilled if we live apart and alienated from the environment from which we evolved.” 

Stephen R. Kellert 


My passion and life’s journey has always been around creating beautiful spaces. Whether I’m at home or travelling the world, I naturally seek the beauty in my surroundings, that which nurtures my body, soul and spirit.

The sacred spaces.

The Interior Temple concept was born from my long lived love affair exploring and working in India. The ancient Indian Temples were designed using sacred geometry and feminine architecture principles to energise, align and restore peace within the self. They are considered both a tool and an invitation to communion with the divine. 

HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN is a response to these ancient whispers calling us back home to ourselves. It is to me an intuitive and considered process with a deep tending to the human psyche and its need for harmony with nature. Through our journey together, it is my intention to guide you to become more empowered, to unite with your true essence and to assist you in creating your own sacred sanctuary.

"May your home be a reflection of who you are and what you love.
-A sanctuary for your soul" 

- Isha Reina 

Why Holistic Interior Design?


HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN takes into consideration the full story: the environment, the inhabitants and the conscious, holistic lifestyle and inter-relationships experienced and lived within the space.

Whilst innately complex, The Interior Temple approach to interior design is simple and holistic with sustainability at it's core-abundant, rich and self regenerative by nature. It is an energy based practise that's primary goal is to support the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Our external spaces are a direct representation of our own internal landscapes. Many of us invest in holistic services such as psychology, yoga, kinesiology, acupuncture and osteopathy to align our body, mind and spirit. However, there is another aspect of wellness that is often forgotten: the health and wellbeing in our external landscape – if our home environment is out of balance, our health and wellbeing can be seriously impacted.

The Interior Temple weaves ancient and modern philosophies and applications together such as biophilia, feng shui, psychology, Japanese lifestyle principles, Vedic architecture, conscious and sustainable slow living and the healing arts to provide a HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN service.