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CRYSTAL Clearing - Aura & Atmosphere Mist

CRYSTAL Clearing - Aura & Atmosphere Mist


Designed to balance, clear & cleanse energy. This one-stop Chakra alignment product, is our go-to Mist for multiple occasions.

With a natural botanical scented of Rose, Bergamot, Juniper and Cedarwood pure essential oils, this Holistic Healer welcomes fresh energy and clarity of mind, body & spirit. 

Often referred to as a “Smokeless Smudge Stick”,  as it clears negativity and raises the vibration to a higher level.  

The Crystalline Essence remedy aligns the entire chakra system, removing blockages and balances flow. Bringing the emotional, mental and spiritual selves back into unity.

Natural plant-based ingredients - Non-toxic - Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - Handmade in Australia

See below for directions and further Crystalline Essence information.

100ml Miron violet glass bottle + atomiser + printed box.

  • Spray around self and space with focus and intention. 

    Use as a body mist & room spray to align your auric field and enhance your atmosphere.

    A powerful activator for manifestation practices, connecting to a source of limitless guidance and anchoring it into your life.

    Deepen group ceremony gatherings with this support tool, facilitating dynamic harmony and opening a link to the universal mind.

  • Spray around self & space with focus & intention.

    Use as a room /space spray before or after treatments, to balance, clear and align your field, children, guests or work place.

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