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Lola hoops

Lola hoops


These classic hand shaped hoops, essential to every wardrobe are made with the wabi sabi spirit to remind us of the beauty within imperfection. The name Lola summons the divinity of the feminine in its most vulnerable and powerful manifestation. 


The smaller version of the Gitana Hoops, the Lola Hoops are modest, whispering wild elegance.


These are the smaller hoops shown along with our larger Gitana Hoops


Bronze I Metal of the ancients


This ancient metal has been used for thousands of years in jewellery and adornment. It is said to be known to enhance generosity and good spirit, prosperity, compassion and a love for beauty. Bronze is a beautiful, sturdy metal, making it great for everyday wear, especially for those who live life more on the wild side.



- Available in bronze

- Diameter | .75" / 2 cm

- Weight | 3 grams (individual)

ETA 20th Dec
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