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Nidra necklace

Nidra necklace


This beautiful dainty  necklace features two adjustable lengths , great on its own or  perfect as a layering additional piece . The trinket  is inspired by the Indian Yantras representing the downward triangle as the symbol of the feminine force Shakti.


✼ Width of trinket – 1 cm
✼ Length of necklace  – 29 cm  -27 cm has two adjustable lengths
✼ Weight – 4.65  grams

Details :
✼ The chain is made from sterling silver with gold plating
✼ The trinket has been treated with an oxide for an antique look
✼  The trinket is made from high quality brass – nickel free


Jewlery  Care :

✼ Jewelry will oxidize over time with everyday wear and exposure. Use a polishing cloth to restore shine .  Avoid water and lotions .store in a safe , clean and dry location.

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